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Finding Creative Family Involvement for your Wedding Day

Dear Bride,

We know all too well that the wedding season is a notoriously difficult time in navigating family relationships. From new in-laws to mothers who want to have their hand in all of the decisions, it can be a stressful time!

And though there are also wonderful times to be had with family members throughout the wedding planning process, we want to help address a specific area that frequently causes anxiety to our brides. Maybe you'll identify with this question, too...

How do I honor/incorporate all of my family members that want to have a special role in the wedding?

First of all, this is your wedding. Though we do have many suggestions for creative and memorable ways to involve your loved ones, in the end it's up to you and your fiancé who you incorporate into this special day.

There are are many traditional roles (such as the bride being walked down the aisle by her father), so we will bypass the more common involvement and suggest some non-traditional and creative options for you to consider for your upcoming wedding day!

  1. Extra "MVP" Procession: Consider having a special procession for "MVP" family members that you want to honor before the wedding ceremony begins. They can walk down the aisle or be escorted by other family members. This can be a touching moment that acknowledges their importance.

  2. Ring Holder: Normally the ring bearer brings the ring box down the aisle to be handed to the best man or the groom. Consider involving a family member (like great grandma) as the "ring holder." The ring bearer carefully hands off the box to great grandma, to be carefully held until it is time for the Exchanging of the Rings.

  3. Special Prayer/Toast: During the reception, it is often the DJ/Emcee who announces the beginning of the meal. Many times we have seen how blessed a grandparent, uncle, etc. has been when they've been asked to give a special blessing over the food or a toast to the couple to signal the beginning of dinner.

  4. Dedication in the Program: Include a special dedication or message in your wedding program to express your love and gratitude to your grandparents and/or significant figures in your life.

  5. Family Heirlooms: Incorporate family heirlooms or traditions into your wedding. This could be using your grandmother's jewelry, wearing your grandfather's cufflinks, or following a family tradition that your grandparents cherish.

  6. Heritage Dance or Entrance: We've all seen the decades dance- where couples are invited to the dance floor based off of how long they've been together. In a similar vein, a heritage dance is an opportunity to celebrate your two families becoming one through your union. Starting with grandparents, then parents, aunts & uncles, cousins, siblings, etc., culminating in you and your spouse joining the dance floor last.

Remember that the key is to find involvement that blends your family's personalities with your wishes and preferences. You might not be able to make every family member 100% happy, and that's okay. (Seriously. It's okay. Take a deep breath and repeat that to yourself.)

In the end, we're confident that as you find opportunities to honor these special people in your life you will have treasured memories and photos to hold on to for the rest of your lives!

Do you have other creative ideas? Email to share your thoughts and experiences!


Here at Marchand Ranch, we consider each grandparent an MVP, and will care for them accordingly! From wheelchair accessible bathrooms to making sure they have a great view of the ceremony or your epic helicopter take off through our Elevate Package- your family members will be celebrated and cared for on your wedding day.

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